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Bank:           BLOM
Branch:        Sin El Fil
Favor:          Fondation Grain de Blé
Swift Code:  BLOM LBBX
Country:       Lebanon
IBAN:           LB43 0014 0000 3201 3001 3389 6212

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Please make your cheque payable to:               Witness As Ministry
Send your check to the following address:         Grain de Ble - Lebanon
                                                                           C/O Witness As Ministry,
                                                                           1540 Keller Parkway #405,
                                                                                          Keller, Tx, 76248

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Awareness Programs

We are concerned about kids’ holistic welfare. In our awareness programs we try to spread awareness on children’s safety among kids, parents, and teachers. We believe the importance of starting with the kid, then the home, and then the school. Child Protection Policy and Children’s Rights are intentionally included in our activities. We have conducted lectures to hundreds of leaders and thousands of kids.

There are other topics that might interest you related to awareness to children and to all those who are in their sphere. You may contact us for any lecture on the following topics presented by specialists.

Children’s Safety
Children’s Rights
First Aid
Abuse & Protection
Children & Trauma
Survival Skills after Trauma
Dealing with difficult Children
Problems that face children (depression, anxiety…)
Building Healthy relationship with Your Teens
Stress and Depression
The Empty Nest Syndrome
Marriage Enrichment
Our Emotional Cup
Healthy Interdependent Marriage